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  • Characteristics of electronic wire strands and single strands

    2018-11-16 Characteristics of single ply and multi ply wires 1. the single section wire with the same cross section is simpler in structure, lower in cost and cheaper in price than multi ply flexible wire. The price of soft cloth wire is much higher. 2. be See Details >
  • What's the reason why data line charging poor contact

    2018-10-20 Along with the rapid development of science and technology, intelligent mobile phone application in the life more and more widely, the holders of the iPhone began increasingly grow in quantity, but also pose all sorts of problems, in addition to data inte See Details >
  • The role of wire winding and weaving and difference

    2018-10-20 Each line of the specifications of the different, such as the material of wire winding, weaving, etc. Today, we'll say wire winding and weaving as well as the difference. Role is mainly ACTS as shielding is known to all, shielding can reduce radiation See Details >